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MEIRC Saudi Arabia (Middle East Industrial Relations Consultants) was established in 1958. In 1982, MEIRC SA has become 100% Saudi company (LLC).
The company has a training center located in Jubail Industrial City, a branch in Yanbu, and a headquarter in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

MEIRC SA is the leading provider of human potential development training programs in Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, MEIRC SA contributed in improving immediate and long-term performance of Thousands of Saudi executives, technicians and individuals. It has a proven track and exceptional experience with all leading Saudi companies in different industrial fields. MEIRC SA is dedicated to taking your career and organization to the next level.

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Career Path

Riyadh 23-Oct-2016 3

Chemical Engineering for Non Chemical Engineers

Al-Ahsaa 23-Oct-2016 5

Coaching Skills

Al-Khobar 23-Oct-2016 3

Defensive Driving (DDC)

Riyadh 23-Oct-2016 1

Effective Cost Estimating and Control of Technical Projects

Jeddah 23-Oct-2016 5

Fall Protection

Al-Khobar 23-Oct-2016 5

Industrial Gearbox Maintenance

Yanbu 23-Oct-2016 5

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Riyadh 23-Oct-2016 5

Motors & Variable Speed Drives

Al-Khobar 23-Oct-2016 5

Predictive Maintenance Technologies

Al-Ahsaa 23-Oct-2016 5

Pumps Operation & Maintenance

Riyadh 23-Oct-2016 5

Safety Root Cause Analysis

Al-Khobar 23-Oct-2016 5

Active Listening

Riyadh 30-Oct-2016 3

Advanced electrical Maintenance

Jubail 30-Oct-2016 5

Advanced Operation Skills

Al-Ahsaa 30-Oct-2016 5

Advanced Process Risk Assessment

Al-Khobar 30-Oct-2016 5

Centrifugal Pump operation, maintenance & troubleshooting

Jeddah 30-Oct-2016 5

Cutting Tools

Riyadh 30-Oct-2016 5

Facilities Management Safety

Al-Khobar 30-Oct-2016 5

Incident Command Management

Jeddah 30-Oct-2016 5

Maintenance planning & Management

Riyadh 30-Oct-2016 5

Motor Maintenance and Testing

Al-Khobar 30-Oct-2016 5

Performance Management

Al-Khobar 30-Oct-2016 3

Personality at Work

Riyadh 30-Oct-2016 4

Power Supply - AVR

Jeddah 30-Oct-2016 5

Pump & Valve Technology

Riyadh 30-Oct-2016 5

Root Cause Analysis

Al-Khobar 30-Oct-2016 5

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